DJ Topa Body Movin' Požega
SUBOTA 20.7.2013
The Best (Požega)
start: 01h
Požeško kulturno ljeto predstavlja Body movin house party! DJi: Topa (PŽ) Yakka (NG)
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Mladen Topić biography

Mladen Topic a.k.a. Topa, born in 1983. in Pozega, Croatia, begins his musical career early in his youth. At the age of 11, he started playing drums. He played all kind of music from classical to rock.

In highschool (Musical highschool for percussions) he started to experiment with house music and DJing, his style is Funky, Jackin' and Tech House. Today, he is a song writer, a DJ and a producer of house and pop music.

Croatian pop singles «Ovisan» (Addicted) and «Otrovan tobom» (Poisoned by you) had great success on Croatian radio stations and charts because of their unique pop style with influence of house, disco and funk.

His partys are called Body movin', just like a radio show that he does on the local radio station (Radio Pozega), where he currently works. As a drummer and a DJ, he performed in cities around Croatia. In 2009, his friend DJ Dominik Car came to an idea of doing live act with him (DJ Dominik Car) on decks and Topa on congas, bongos and timbales, they called it «House meets Congas». Thay performed live in many Croatian clubs.

The year 2012 is most important for Topa's house music career since his first jackin' house tracks have been released. First single "I got over" has been signed for Caboose Records in summer 2012. After that, Topa drops his first EP release "Watch The Sun" (including Audio Jacker remix) for Tasty Recordings. "Jazz relgion" EP followed for Twins Mansion record label. Releases got great support from DJ's like Mark Farina, DJ Mes, Robb Swinga, Hapkido, Gramophonedzie, 4 peace, Camille, Tim Forester...


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